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Antibody Search -

Includes antibody search, methods, techniques, protocols, reviews, books, and discussion forums.

Boom stand microscopes -

Boom Microscopes is your one stop source for high quality 3D stereoscopic microscopes mounted on boom stands. Select from our classic style boom stand, our heavy double arm boom stand with stabilizer, our articulating boom stand with easy retractability, and our floor boom stand on wheels for easy portability. Whatever your boom stand needs are, we can provide you a solution. Our largest customer base for these units is for doing quality control inspection and repair on circuit boards. However,

Discount Microscope Store -

Microscope Universe is your source for high grade microscopy equipment at discount prices. We carry the finest selection of microscopes, microscope accessories, USB computer connected microscope cameras, and optical equipment for education, clinical - medical and the manufacturing industry. Our high grade compound microscopes are purchased by health clinics, schools, universities, and students. Our stereoscopic low power microscopes are great for industrial quality control, circuit board repair,

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TrueVision Microscopes is the microscope store for all your microscopy needs! Contact us about our huge selection of biological compound light microscopes, stereoscopic dissecting microscopes, boom mounted stereo scopes, portable microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, polarizing microscopes, USB computer connected microscope cameras, microscope accessories, and much more! Whatever your microscopy application is, our skilled microscopists are waiting to assist you. Our selection is huge and the

IHC World -

Immunohistochemistry and histology related methods, techniques, protocols, books, and discussion forums.

Plant Biology Resources -

Designed for all people with an interest in the plant sciences. The site contains information on university faculty who work in the botany field, university rankings, plant biology articles and a how to grow plants guide.

Student biology microscopes -

Lowest Price microscopes is a microscope store you can trust for bringing you good quality discount microscopes at cheap prices. We have a huge selection of microscopy equipment for student and educational applications. We carry biological microscopes, high power microscopes, low power microscopes, dissecting microscopes, teaching microscopes with dual heads, medical student microscopes, USB computer connected microscope cameras, binocular microscopes, trinocular microscopes with photography p